Here are a few suggestions to help you obtain maximum pleasure from the flowers you have just received!

If you have received a Cut Flower Bouquet from us, the stems will be covered and tied with a bow, simply untie the bow (at the back) to easily remove the bottom wrapping.  Your flowers may have arrived with a water wrap on the stems, in which case make sure you do this over the sink!

  1. Fill vase with luke warm water and add the floral preservative (which will be attached to your bouquet wrapping or behind the message card). If you have no preservative left you can add a tiny bit of bleach to the water instead, this will prevent bacteria and lengthen the life of your flowers.
  2. Remove any water sources attached to the stems (we attach these to roses particularly to keep them hydrated)
  3. Remove any leaves/foliage which would be under water.
  4. With a sharp knife or scissors make a slanting cut 2-3cm off the stem ends. You can trim some extra off the bottom of the stems if required to have the bouquet sit nicely in your vase.
  5. Place in your vase in a cool position away from draughts, sun and ripening fruit.
  6. Every 3-4 days clean your vase, replace water and recut stems.

If you have received a Bouquet in a water filled box, it requires no further arranging, floral preservative has already been added to the water.  Simply check the water daily and top up as needed.

To remove or not to remove the wrapping?  Well it is really a personal choice. We do go to some trouble to wrap your flowers to complement the bouquet, and the wrapping does protect the flowers during delivery.  If you can’t see the flowers for the wrapping where you have displayed them, try pulling the edges of the wrapping down a bit so that the flowers are more visible; or you can remove the wrap completely.  The flowers will be tied underneath the wrapping so your bouquet will still be intact, or remove this if you would like to arrange them yourself.

Arrangements in ceramic pots, bowls, boxes and baskets are made with florist foam and don’t need any special treatment on arrival at your home, the foam contains all the water the flowers need for the first day.  Every day or so you need to add more water to the container.  The amount of water to add varies and depends on the flowers and the room temperature, take care not to overfill the container that the foam sits in, test the level with your finger.  Take the pot; box or basket to your kitchen bench to add water, so that if you over fill the water won’t run onto your furniture!

Additional Tips:

Make sure you clean the vase thoroughly before use. A ¼ teaspoon of bleach in a litre of water can be used to clean any bacteria from the vase.

Should roses or chrysanthemums droop, recut and place stems in a container with about 3cm of hot/boiling water and leave 2-3 minutes, you may see little air bubbles escape, this will remove the air locks in the stems!  Handle chrysanthemums carefully, a knock can shatter them.

After some days the mature flowers on a stem age past their best, carefully cut these flowers out of the arrangement to allow the flowers and buds around them to open, keeping the arrangement looking fresh.